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The Real Cost of In-House Customer Service vs. Call Center Outsourcing

Over 65 percent of people have higher expectations for customer service today than just three years ago—and it shows. Just 10 percent find customer service convenient. Despite this, 83 percent of consumers rank good customer service as the most essential factor besides price when deciding what to purchase. In short, if you can do what your competitors aren't doing and meet

The Field Service Contractor’s Guide to Customer Service

Whether you’re an HVAC technician, electrician, or general contractor, customer service matters to your bottom line. This free training guide is designed to help field service technicians, contractors, and home services businesses better understand the art of customer service while providing actionable tips you can put to use today. Part 1: Why is Customer

How to Deliver Excellent Customer Service

If you own or work for a business, you know that how you treat your customers can mean the difference between success and failure. No matter what your business is or how good your products or services may be, long-term success will be elusive if your customer service is poor.  Thankfully, supporting

5 Benefits of Outsourcing Inbound Customer Service to a Call Center

Outsourcing to a call center is one of the best ways for companies to quickly improve productivity, efficiency, and profits. In fact, many businesses can attribute their increased success to moving inbound customer service from in-house to one of these centers. Such an approach makes operations run more smoothly for both the business and their customers. Read on to discover

Vital Skills for the Customer Service Industry

Whether you are a recent high school or college graduate trying to get your start in your career, a teenager thinking about your future or an older individual planning a reentry into the workforce, the customer service field offers a number of options. From front-line customer service reps to layers of managers and supervisors, there

Is it Bad to Send Business Calls to Voicemail?

Voicemail. Its entire purpose is to ensure that when you can’t answer the phone, the customer (or potential customer) can leave a message and receive a call back in the future. Chances are you cannot be by your phone 100% of the time, and voicemail gives customers a way to reach you. How Effective

Hiring Customer Service Staff: 5 Sample Interview Questions

Customer service is a skill like any other. Everyone has a different level of skill with regards to customer service, and while customer service can be trained you also want to make sure that you’re finding those that will excel in a customer service role. When you hire for customer service staff, you need a

Should Your Company Accept Phone Calls After Office Hours?

Companies have set hours, but your customers do not. Many customers have needs that arise after business hours. For small business owners, especially those in service industries, this causes an issue. Do you answer your customers' calls after hours, or do you let the call go to voicemail? When it comes to after-hours phone

The Best Way to Provide 24 Hour Service? Using an Answering Service

If you want to take advantage of the 24x7 demand for your expertise, it’s important that you have a way to maintain 24-hour communication with your customers and personnel. Partnering with a telephone answering service is the perfect solution for this situation because it allows you to provide constant availability and professional customer service for

5 Common Small Business Customer Service Mistakes

Great customer service is an important element of any successful business. But for small businesses, it’s absolutely critical. Large companies have many resources at their disposal to build an image and make sales, including dedicated marketing teams, branding consultants, and large advertising budgets. But small businesses rely on repeat customers, word of mouth, and referrals