What is a Whistleblower Compliance Hotline?

When it comes to safeguarding against fraud, waste, and abuse in the workplace, whistleblower hotlines play a critical role. A hotline provides employees with a confidential way to report suspected wrongdoing and can be an essential part of an organization's compliance program. When used effectively, whistleblower hotlines can be an invaluable asset for organizations.

Essential Guide to Ethics Hotlines: Best Practices, Benefits, and Policies

Introduction Organizations are under continual pressure to adopt and maintain ethical practices. Stakeholders, including shareholders and customers, expect companies to behave ethically; when they don't, they are quick to voice their displeasure. In addition, the rise of social media has made it easier for people to share information about unethical behavior, putting pressure on

The Best Employee Call-Off Systems and Employee Call-Off Hotlines of 2023

When an employee calls out sick, it throws a wrench in the works for your business. You have to shuffle around schedules, find a replacement, and deal with the hassle of documenting and tracking the occurrence. How you deal with employee absences can make the difference between your operation running like a well-oiled machine

Absenteeism Rate: How to Calculate and Define Absence Rate

This guide is a short Q&A covering everything you need to know about employee absenteeism or workplace absence rate. This includes defining absenteeism, the absenteeism rate formula, calculating your absenteeism rate, benchmarks, and tips for reducing absenteeism in your organization. What is absenteeism in the workplace? Absenteeism in the workplace is defined as an employee's

Managing Employee Attendance and Absenteeism

What Absenteeism Is & How to Manage It  Merriam-Webster defines absenteeism as "chronic absence (as from work or school)". Anyone who has scheduled and supervised workers knows what a headache it is to scramble to cover an absent employee's duties on short notice. But what are the big-picture impacts of absenteeism on

What is an Employee Call-Off Hotline?

The process your employees follow to call in sick can be a source of frustration or efficiency. Learn how employee call-off hotlines can help save you time by streamlining your absence reporting.

FMLA Call-in Procedures: What Employers Need to Know

Important Elements of Your FMLA Attendance Policy for Employees Calling Off Work The regulations contained in the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) are complex. Unless you understand FMLA, you can find yourself in violation of the Act.  Employer costs for FMLA violations can range from modest fines to crippling legal expenditures. The key

How to Implement a Point System Attendance Policy: The Employer’s Guide

Putting Your No-Fault Attendance Policy Into Action Whether your new employee attendance point system implementation is successful depends largely on workers’ first reactions when the change is announced. A great implementation process is 90% planning and 10% rollout. A well-planned announcement with a positive physical or virtual presentation can make all the difference. Read

How to Create an Attendance Point System Policy and SOPs

How to Create a No-Fault Attendance Policy & Attendance Point System SOPs To begin tackling this project, the first step is to decide what to include when you write an attendance point system policy. While the basics of the policy are common to most companies in the United States, the specifics can vary from organization