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FMLA Call-in Procedures: What Employers Need to Know

Important Elements of Your FMLA Attendance Policy for Employees Calling Off Work The regulations contained in the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) are complex. Unless you understand FMLA, you can find yourself in violation of the Act.  Employer costs for FMLA violations can range from modest fines to crippling legal expenditures. The key

How to Implement a Point System Attendance Policy: The Employer’s Guide

Putting Your No-Fault Attendance Policy Into Action Whether your new employee attendance point system implementation is successful depends largely on workers’ first reactions when the change is announced. A great implementation process is 90% planning and 10% rollout. A well-planned announcement with a positive physical or virtual presentation can make all the difference. Read

How to Create an Attendance Point System Policy and SOPs

How to Create a No-Fault Attendance Policy & Attendance Point System SOPs To begin tackling this project, the first step is to decide what to include when you write an attendance point system policy. While the basics of the policy are common to most companies in the United States, the specifics can vary from organization

Leaves of Absence: What to Know About Paid vs. Unpaid Leave

When employees need time off, business owners and human resources professionals can often find themselves questioning how to process leaves of absence. For example, do you pay your employees for needed time off?  If yes, how much?  Do you need to document your employee’s time away? Do you need to comply with any state or

What is an Employee Attendance Point System?

Point System No-Fault Attendance Policy for HR: Here’s the Breakdown Some people shy away from implementing a point system to track non-exempt employee attendance because it sounds complicated. But in reality, an attendance point system can be: Straightforward & easy to introduce to your team Fair and equitable

Vaccine Mandates, Vaccination Tracking, and Beyond: COVID-19 OSHA Compliance

According to global experts, COVID-19 is here to stay. Scientists are telling the world to prepare for a new norm with Covid-19, liking its periodic mutations to the flu virus. In response, the Biden administration has taken significant steps toward creating safety measures to slow infection rates. One of these is a COVID-19 vaccine mandate

How to Create an Effective Employee Attendance Policy

Source: Page Up One-off employee absences in the workplace are inevitable and aren’t necessarily a problem. However, when employees fail to keep to your organization's work schedule, you need to address this. That’s where an employee attendance policy comes into play. A detailed and well-researched employee attendance document keeps your business running smoothly. It

Tips for Creating a Corporate Security Policy

Most small businesses disregard security as a critical IT factor until they get hacked or have a major security breach. It's understandable -- security is expensive and SMBs don't have the unlimited budgets of larger corporations. That doesn't mean you should skimp on your data protection during your business' infancy. The alternative is a loss

Ethics Policies vs. Whistleblower Policies – What’s the Difference?

Many companies and organizations have a code of ethics and best practices. However, these policies are useless unless you have a meaningful way to handle violations. This means in addition to a code of ethics and best practices, your company should also have in place a whistleblower policy for reporting violations. While there are similarities