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Case Study: 24-Hour Answering Service for Residential Property Management

Looking for a cost-effective way to provide 24-hour availability, a residential property management company turned to CMS. Client Overview West Coast-based company providing full-service property management services to residential property owners. Services include advertising, tenant screening, inspections, rent collection, property repairs, and financial services. The Problem Offering a 24-hour hotline for tenants was a

Example of Property Management Maintenance On-Call Rotation

This is an example of a property management company’s maintenance on-call rotation. At CMS, a rotation like this is used for property maintenance emergencies or other after-hours situations that require maintenance attention. What constitutes an emergency or urgent maintenance issue is up to the property management company. When we encounter an issue that our client

What is a property management maintenance emergency?

For our purposes, a property management maintenance emergency is any issue that our clients need notified of immediately. As a call center, we leave it up to our customers to determine what they consider an emergency. Some property management companies leave it up to their tenants. If a tenant calls in and answers "yes" to

Sample Property Management Call Scripting

Our answering service and call center scripting is 100% customizable, allowing property management companies to structure accounts that meet their needs. While some may only need after-hours maintenance support, others may need a 24 hour call center to answer every call made to their office. These two accounts would have radically different scripting. Below you'll