Simplify your call-off process and capture better data with workforce attendance analytics from CMS.



Turn Your Employee Call-Off Reporting Into Actionable Data

The trends and insights found within your employee attendance data can be analyzed to improve your operation. The data can improve policies, incentivize and reward employees, catch problems early, and lead to better decision-making.

Actionable data means collecting and reporting quantitative attendance and chronic absence data and qualitative analysis to show why employees miss work. Data needs to be accurate, accessible, timely, comprehensive, and understandable to be effective. If information is actionable, it will help make informed decisions that will lead to better outcomes.

Our workforce attendance analytics solution is a valuable tool for managers and HR personnel and comes standard with our employee call-off hotline.

Detailed Attendance Data at Your Fingertips

CMS makes it easy to stay on top of your employee call-off data. Our comprehensive call-off hotline solution provides an all-in-one solution for managing absenteeism from the intake of attendance infractions to the relevant reporting, notifications, and tracking. 

Our employer dashboard provides numerous analytics capabilities, including: 

  • Historical data for every employee
  • The ability to report on data by location, department, date range, and more
  • Detailed records of infraction types and call-off reasons
  • Automated point tracking and policy adherence
  • A reporting dashboard with charts that provide an at-a-glance view of infractions by type, department, day of the week, and more
  • The ability to create and export custom reports 

What Is Workforce Analytics and How Is It Useful?

Our employee call-off solutions go beyond simple reporting, providing employers with a data-rich analytics platform that managers can use to assess historical data, run custom reports, and track trends within employee call-off data. 

Workforce analytics use various research methods, like statistics compilation, to examine worker-related data. Employers can then use that data to make better decisions for human resource situations.

Your business will benefit from being more proactively managed with access to analysis tools and data about your employees’ attendance and other absenteeism measures. 

Our platform can make it easier to address challenges, including: 

  • Excessive Overtime
  • Inconsistencies Between Reported and Recorded Work Hours
  • Determining the Cost of Absences
  • Consistent Absenteeism or Tardiness
  • Disputes About Available Time Off
  • Variance in Attendance Between Departments
  • Pattern Abuse
  • Shift Fill 

Analyzing attendance data can ultimately help address current issues and ones that might show up in the future. Comparing attendance and other workplace metrics from past years to the present and extrapolating to predict future performance can also help plan ahead and adjust workplace practices to improve outcomes. All of these are possible with attendance analytics from CMS.

Analyze and Gather Employee Attendance Data with CMS

CMS can help your business improve its collection and reporting of call-off data, providing actionable analytics that you can use to improve your bottom line. Contact us today and see how practical workforce attendance analytics and data insights strengthen your company’s attendance policies and decision-making.