Call Center Benefits

What's included with Dispatch Call Center Solutions from CMS

Providing 24-hour call dispatching to organizations nationwide, the CMS dispatch call center is responsible for the swift and accurate processing of critical communications.

Dependable call dispatching

If your business provides 24-hour services or responds to critical situations, you know how important the dispatching role is to your operation. When your dispatching call center works, calls are processed professionally, information is transcribed accurately, and the personnel responsible for responding are contacted promptly. And with CMS, this is just what you get.

Staffed around the clock by professional call center dispatching personnel, our dispatch center is structured to integrate directly with your existing processes, filtering and processing calls per your specifications and methodically following your relay procedures.

Avoid unnecessary costs

Outsourcing call dispatching to CMS will not only improve your service quality but reduce your costs as well. By relying upon our infrastructure for your call center dispatching needs, you can avoid the costs associated with dispatching all of your calls internally. There’s no technology to learn, equipment to maintain, or staff to manage. We handle the details and leave you to run your business.

Dispatching built to your needs

Call center dispatching services from CMS are 100% customizable. Our dispatching agents answer calls in the name of your business, follow custom scripting that you put into place, and dispatch the information based upon your instructions. Dispatch message delivery options include text message, email, page, fax, and direct phone call, allowing us to communicate with your on-call personnel in a manner that’s convenient.

Complex dispatching capabilities

Our dispatch call center is capable of performing even the most complex dispatching procedures. Relying on a combination of experienced staff and advanced technology, our services can easily factor in multiple on-call personnel, call escalation contingencies, backup procedures, and other variables that may impact the trajectory of your calls.

In addition to configuring our system to account for complex dispatching procedures, we also have the ability to integrate with web-based CRM programs, including work ticket systems, scheduling software, and case management applications. By integrating with your existing systems, our dispatching service can save you time on data entry and maintain process consistency.

Decades of dispatching experience

From dispatching after-hours HVAC calls to urgent medical equipment failures, CMS has decades of valuable call dispatching experience. We act as the dispatch call center for countless organizations across the country and pride ourselves in providing cost-effective, accurate, and reliable dispatching services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.