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Cost-effective call center outsourcing solutions

Looking for a cost-effective way to improve your customer service? CMS offers call center outsourcing services that are perfect for companies of all sizes.

We employ professionally trained customer service agents available 24/7 to handle your inbound calls. This means you can provide outstanding customer service around the clock without having to staff and manage an in-house call center.

Our outsourcing services are also custom tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether you need help with live answering services, IVR solutions, or something else, we can create a package perfect for your business.

And because we’re a US-based call center, you can rest assured that your calls will always be handled onshore.

CMS call center agent at desk with icons representing cost savings, 24/7 service, and customer service
Call center customer service agent smiling and wearing headset

Improve your inbound customer service with CMS

CMS is a call center that can take your customer service to the next level.

Our call center agents are available 24/7 to help you deliver excellent customer service. We have experience in a variety of industries and can help you standardize or customize a solution tailored to the needs of your operation.

By delivering human customer service, we can help improve your brand and make a great first impression with every caller. With our live and automated solutions, you can control costs while getting the most out of your customer service department.

Experience the CMS Difference

Featured Call Center Solutions

At CMS, we understand that every business is different and has its own unique requirements. That’s why we offer a variety of call center solutions that can be customized to fit any business. From appointment scheduling to emergency after-hours support, our solutions are versatile and can be adapted to your specifications. Whether you are a large corporation or a small business, CMS has a solution that’s right for you. Our leading call center solutions include:

Appointment Scheduling

With appointment scheduling services from CMS, you can ensure that your appointment-related phone calls are always handled professionally.

Emergency Call Center

24-hour emergency call center services from CMS enable businesses to remain connected to their employees and customers in times of crisis.

Customer Service

CMS is a customer service outsourcing partner for organizations looking to effectively lower their costs without jeopardizing customer satisfaction.

Technical Support Help Desk

Help desk call center services from CMS provide an affordable option for maintaining constant tier 1 technical support availability.

Small Business Call Center

With CMS, small businesses can achieve the same professional call center presence as larger companies, helping them level the playing field while controlling costs.

Order Taking Call Center

Not every customer wants to order online; others may not have that ability. By providing order entry services through CMS, your business can capture these sales over the phone.

Dispatching Call Center

CMS provides reliable, round-the-clock dispatching services to help your business keep moving. From answering calls to routing service requests, we’ve got you covered.

24/7 Call Center

Taking calls after hours or during peak times because your customers expect and deserve help or information when they need it and when they want it.

Tailored to Your Industry

Any business can benefit from the 24/7 call center solutions that CMS provides. Our call center services are tailored to help businesses streamline and enhance their call-taking capabilities, which can improve customer service and increase efficiency.

Whether you need a customer service outsourcing solution for your e-commerce business or an employee call-off hotline for a manufacturing plant, CMS has the experience and expertise to help your business get the most out of its call center operations. Browse all of our industry solutions here.

Physician sitting at his desk looking at his phone

Healthcare Call Center Services

Patients continually expect more from healthcare providers, and remaining available to your patients 24/7 for urgent issues is critical to the success of your practice.

Medical call center services from CMS allow healthcare providers to effectively coordinate their after-hours care without drastically increasing costs or burdening existing staff.

Partnering with hundreds of medical facilities and every type of specialty, CMS has over 50 years of experience providing medical answering services. Our services are designed to meet your needs and are customized for practices of all shapes and sizes, whether you have one physician needing after-hours support or multiple offices requiring 24-hour live answering.

Known for superior customer service, highly trained agents, and advanced technical capabilities, CMS is a fully HIPAA-compliant call center working with hundreds of medical practices nationwide.

Exterior of large manufacturing plant

Call Center Solutions for Manufacturing

CMS delivers superior communication to help manufacturers optimize people and production.

Manufacturing is the combination of processes, people, equipment, and facilities working in sync. Complex processes that CMS helps to keep going for manufacturing sector clients like Kraft Foods, Kellogg’s, Jack Daniels, and Marzetti.

Manufacturing call centers are more than public-facing live answering services. They are critical communication hubs handling everything from customer service to 24/7 plant emergency response. CMS offers a 3rd party call center solution that distributes information where it’s needed under any circumstance.

We support daily functions like attendance hotlines, employee call-offs, and shift availability notifications. We also offer multi-channel support via phone, text, or email. All with web-based accessibility that gives management ongoing status reports in real-time. CMS helps increase productivity while keeping overhead costs low.

Small business owner working at her desk with boxes and inventory in the background

If you own or manage a small or midsize business, you probably don’t have the customer support resources available to large enterprises, including telephone support. With CMS call center solutions for small businesses, you can be sure you’re not missing important communication from clients, vendors, and other vital partners.

We provide reliable call center services normally associated with bigger companies, which helps you level the playing field. You can focus on running your business and stay as lean as you need to on staff with CMS here to offer:

  • 24/7 and after-hours call center support
  • Customer service outsourcing
  • Virtual receptionist services
  • Call dispatching and emergency coverage
  • IVR and automated call handling
  • Custom call center solutions

Choose as much or as little help as you need. When you’re ready to scale your business, CMS will tailor service to let you grow and profit in new ways.

IT network engineers troubleshooting in a data center

Call Center Solutions for IT

When technology misbehaves it’s bad for business. From minor issues to all-out IT disasters, the most common complaint is frustration. Who to call and how hard it is to reach a live person.

As users, most of us admit to having a love-hate relationship with technology. We view our technology dependency as both a blessing and a curse. Even when business is booming for manufacturers, developers, and IT consultants, the innovation and invention driving success is often at odds with customer service that keeps customers happy and loyal.

CMS handles calls like your third-party IT department. We enable you to keep working and creating while we care for your customers. Everything from Tier 1 troubleshooting to on-call support; creating work tickets, manning your 24-Hour Help Desk, and more.

CMS ensures that superior customer service is delivered in less time and at a lower cost, without hiring additional staff.

Call Center Services for Property Management

Like many field service trades, property managers often deal with broken pipes and other repairs at the worst possible times. With help from CMS, you can be certain not to miss calls from tenants, property owners, or service people when you’re off work or busy with another issue.

Property management call center services from CMS give property managers the technology and staffing they need to reduce daily distractions and efficiently handle their calls, improving the resident experience without increasing costs.

Regardless of size, being inundated with phone calls can be a major distraction. From maintenance requests to new tenant inquiries, there are always callers requesting your attention. Our call center solutions for property managers are designed to relieve you of this constant burden without impacting your customer service, delivering personalized call center experiences that keep residents smiling. By only paying for the time spent handling your calls, our services are a cost-effective way to take phone calls for your communities.

Integrate Your Existing Systems

We can integrate our call center with the tools you use daily, making your life easier by streamlining workflows and keeping data synced across applications.

Image of some of the top software applications that CMS integrates with, including Slack, Paycor, ADP, Salesforce, Zendesk, Autotask, Halo PSA, Kronos, Zoho, and Workday

Custom Call Center Services

CMS understands that every business is unique and that our featured call center services will not always be a perfect fit. This is why CMS is dedicated to providing 100% customizable call center services that can meet the needs of any business. CMS can create a custom solution regardless of how simple or complex your needs are.

We accomplish this by utilizing cutting-edge technology, traditional telephone answering services, highly-trained customer service agents, internet and website integration, and voicemail services.

All custom solutions are designed to grow a loyal customer base and increase your company’s revenue without the large added expense of hiring additional staff or investing in unproven software. CMS has provided outsourced call center services and live answering solutions to Fortune 100 corporations and small, family-owned businesses.

Extensive Call Center Experience

CMS has worked with clients in every major industry and understands the diverse needs of different organizations, from the metal and alloy industry to property management corporations. Over 40 years of communication and technology experience allows us to provide 100% customized solutions, whether you’re looking for a virtual receptionist, emergency support call center, or a tech support center to help your users troubleshoot problems.

Worldwide Call Center Support

If you’re looking for a professional call center that provides telephone answering services in your area, look no further. Our superior technology allows us to provide our award-winning call center services to clients worldwide.

Call Center Service Highlights

Below is additional information on the call center outsourcing services we provide and how they can help you run a better operation.

Overflow Call Center

Eliminate repeat calls with our overflow call center services. Our overflow call center agents can provide information about office hours, holiday schedules, events, and more when you are unavailable or are receiving a large number of calls. Is your company losing business due to lost or missed calls? CMS has a solution for that. Don’t hire additional staff to take your calls, Continental Message Solution’s overflow call center provides professional answering services to fit your business’s needs. Employing our CMS overflow call center will allow your employees to focus on important tasks, making your business more efficient. CMS will take your calls and deliver them to you as a page, phone call, email, fax, text message, or via a web portal, allowing you to attack tasks as needed.

After-Hours Call Center

Businesses with after-hours accessibility are the market leaders in the service industry. Our after-hours call center services will make your business available 24 hours, increasing your potential for high profits. Every business can use an after-hours answering service to allow more flexibility in their business hours to meet client or customer needs. An after-hours call center can take urgent messages for your company and relay them immediately to you or take a message and send it to you when your office re-opens, depending on your specific criteria.

24-7 Call Center

Businesses of all shapes and sizes can benefit from our 24-7 call center. Constant availability not only builds goodwill amongst customers who appreciate being able to reach a live person 24 hours a day, but it also increases revenue potential. Instead of only accepting new business during a small window of time each day, your business can be open 24-7, ready to take on new opportunities whenever they may arise.