With CMS, your dental practice is always just a phone call away. Whether you need support around-the-clock or just when your office is closed, we customize the service that is right for you. Our compassionate and knowledgeable professionals respond to your patients with dental call center solutions designed to reflect the unique needs and style of your practice.

Answering service takes calls while dentist is with patient

Live Telephone Answering Services for Dentists

Dental Office Virtual Receptionist: Ensure your smiling patients are greeted by a smiling telephone receptionist day and night! Our virtual receptionist for dental practices allows you to maintain a courteous telephone presence without hiring an in-house receptionist or making a dental assistant wear multiple hats. This solution is perfect for small practices looking to build a professional dental office on a budget.

Dentist Appointment Scheduling and Reminder Services: Make it easy for patients to schedule cleanings and other appointments by phone, even when the main office is unavailable. Our appointment scheduling service can be integrated with existing systems or used to simply notify you of requests. It’s the perfect way to schedule appointments when you’re out of the office or when you’re existing phone lines are too busy. Dentist appointment reminders help make you more money by reducing missed appointments and time lost to rescheduling.

After-Hours and Emergency Answering Service for Dentists: What happens when a patient experiences a dental emergency after office hours? Are they forced to go to the emergency room or contact a competitor? With our after-hours and emergency answering services for dentists, you can remain available by phone 24 hours a day without the distraction or expense of having every call answered by you or your staff. Instead, our friendly answering service operators answer calls on your behalf, take patients through a custom script, and dispatch urgent calls to the on-call dentist.

Dentist On-Call Scheduling & Call Dispatching Services

All of our live answering services include our web-based on-call scheduling software, which can be used to manage your on-call rotation and ensure that our call center is always using up-to-date, accurate on-call information. Set your on-call rotation in advance, maintain multiple schedules, set up personalized contact guidelines for each staff member, and more. This helps to reduce errors by ensuring that we are always dispatching calls to the right on-call dentist using their personalized instructions.

Extend Your Dental Office Staff

Drawing from more than 40 years of experience serving dental professionals, our fully HIPAA-compliant answering service acts as a true extension of your office. Our highly-trained professionals understand the nuances of a dental practice, are sensitive to the needs of patients and are as engaged in serving your patients as your in-house staff.

We customize our dental answering service options for you, including availability, scripting, and response trees for emergency dental and after-hours dental care. Our experienced CMS team will help create the solutions that perfectly match your unique dental practice to ensure that your patients experience a seamless transition between your in-house staff and CMS.

Ask about our automated solutions to learn about the many ways we can save you time and boost patient engagement.

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